African Safari - The Vacation of a Lifetime

I love beach holidays - in fact, the dream vacation for me is lying on a warm beach during the day, going for a cool beer at night, and that is about it! So basically I am happy anywhere, it could be Blackpool, Benidorm, or the Algarve - I don't care as long as the aforementioned are in place. So when my husband told me he had booked a surprise holiday with a Tanzania safari company, I really wasn't all that pleased. 

How to Choose a Resort on the Costa del Sol

Popular, glamorous or quiet, choosing the right resort on the Costa del Sol is the key to a successful holiday on this world famous stretch of the Mediterranean. 

Claiming over 160 km of coastline and 2500 hours of sunshine a year, the Costa del Sol is a destination for all seasons. Dark or golden sands may be grainy at times but the water is beautifully clear, warm and safe, and a number of beaches are regularly awarded the European Blue Flag for cleanliness.